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Sport forms an important part of school life at Yorston from the day your child joins us. Pupils experience a wide variety of sport through their PE, dance and games lessons boosted by plentiful extra-curricular opportunities. The emphasis is on developing skills from Nursery upwards to equip every child to take part in competitive sports as they mature. We believe sport builds character, confidence and positivity, as well as teaching important life skills such as teamwork, responsibility and respect.

We encourage all pupils to take part in sporting activities throughout their time at the school. In fact, we have a policy of ensuring that all pupils have the opportunity to play for our school teams. We know some pupils can feel anxious about taking part in sport, perhaps because they feel they are not naturally good at it, or because they are not competitive. So, we work hard to build self-esteem and positive thinking in pupils while always promoting the fitness and health benefits of taking part in sport.



Pupils thrive on a wide range of extra-curricular sporting activities such as gymnastics, netball, tennis and football.


Our aim is to offer a sufficiently wide range of sports so that every child, boy or girl, can find a sporting passion whether

or not they are talented in traditional team sports. This allows them to develop a real sense of sporting achievement and a lifelong love of a sport.

Sport is held at the extensive grounds we have exclusive use of each afternoon, at Egerton FC. Facilities which include a sports hall and 3G pitches.  This allows us to offer a wide variety of sports, including athletics, basketball, swimming, netball, football, tennis, cricket, golf, basketball, volleyball, hockey and badminton, so pupils are sure to find something they enjoy.

We even have an after-school Jujitsu class delivered by a member of the Cheshire Budo Federation, and many of our pupils have gone on to gain their junior black belt in this Japanese martial art.



Pupils play together safely and sensibly in the outside areas. Younger pupils are highly appreciative of their new soft surfaced outdoor adventure play area. Older pupils enjoy playing different ball games, including football.
They abide by the rules and demonstrate good teamwork skills.

Sporting success stories

As members of the Knutsford School Sports Partnership, which organises tournaments and leagues involving teams from the 12 schools across the North West we ensure our pupils have many opportunities to play competitive sport.

Last year our girls won the netball tournament, our boys were football champions and our teams of mixed boys and girls won the athletics and the swimming gala.

In previous years our we have had success in Quad Kids (athletics), swimming and basketball, and we also won the cross-country event for three years in a row.

Several of our former pupils have gone on to compete at a county level and gain sports scholarship at prestigious secondary schools. The sporting experience at Yorston ensures all children go onto their future schools well prepared for many more years of sport, with several children securing an A team place within their first term.





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