An Outstandingly effective school

At Yorston Lodge School Class sizes are small and the staffing is generous and experienced – there is an excellent pupil/staff ratio which means that enormous strides are made in all areas.

Teachers and support staff have very high expectations and first-rate subject expertise

Staff at the school, which also has a nursery, also won plaudits from the inspection. The quality of teaching is also described as Outstanding confirmed the report. In fact, staff use a wide range of interesting activities to stimulate learning, not least of which is an information technology suite used by all ages.

We steer a traditional learning course, teaching the ‘Three Rs’, good manners and self-esteem but we are mindful of moving forward. Indeed, part of our success is due to looking forward and not relying on out-dated methods or what has always been done in the past.

But despite the schools investment in computers – there’s one in every class-room in addition to the dedicated computer suite – blackboards and chalk are still used. It’s a combination which sees pupils making outstanding progress, particularly in English, Mathematics and Reasoning.

The children want to come to school and want to learn. We have an active Parents’ Association and we are all working towards the same end; that every child should be the best they can be with the care, support and guidance as the cornerstone.

With more than 100 years of success behind it, Yorston Lodge School is proving it is in a class of its own – happy and outstanding.


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