Core subjects


A broad and varied curriculum across all year groups ensures our pupils excel. The Prep curriculum also contains lessons in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, information technology, electronics, craft, speech and communication.



Small class sizes for English ensure that children progress rapidly, with everyone keen to contribute and answer questions. The core English skills of reading, writing and comprehension, speaking and listening are enhanced with our Extra Curricular activities, particularly LAMDA, where Yorston pupils frequently excel with distinction grades.


We introduce French to our pupils from Year 3 onwards, Year 6 pupils also have the opportunity to learn Latin.


Humanities – geography, history and religious education are all enhanced by independent research, trips and workshops to bring these fascinating subjects to life for the pupils.

STEM Subjects

Ofsted highlighted the teaching of Mathematics at Yorston as highly effective, with teachers skilled at deepening pupils’ mathematical reasoning and instilling a good appreciation of the links between maths and other subjects.

Running like a thread through all subjects is computing. From Nursery upwards, pupils interact with technology to enhance learning.  All children leave us as competent users of technology, understanding how to stay safe when using social media.

We teach all three main sciences, chemistry, physics and biology at Yorston. Our small class sizes mean that every child is able to conduct experiments, making science exciting and fun. The programme is enhanced with visits and outings ensuring Yorston pupils join their senior schools with a solid scientific foundation.

Physical Education (PE)

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Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Personal, Social and Health Education is an important part of the curriculum and is taught through weekly dedicated lessons. The lessons enable pupils to learn the skills of sharing and discussing ideas. As well as supporting pupils in their understanding of the world around them and how to problem solve.

Ofsted remarked in our recent inspection that pupils “understand the principles of British democracy and listen to and value each other’s views during debates”

Trips and Visits

We plan a curriculum enhancing range of trips and residential activities throughout the academic year, all in order to support the subjects being studied.  Children enjoy various experiences every term which vary from investigation workshops, visiting farms, local trips to areas of historical or geographical importance, theatre performances, museums and galleries. Pupils gain hugely from these experiences and learn in different ways than in the classroom. 



Learning enrichment

At Yorston Lodge we know that children learn in different ways; some are confident self-starters, while others need a little more help and support. Our small class sizes allow our teachers to dedicate more time with each child and to offer extra attention and assistance to those who need it. We are always happy to meet parents in person to discuss their child’s individual needs and to develop a plan for their learning together.




Learning Support

If a pupil requires additional learning support our expert teachers will be happy to provide this within the classroom setting by adapting their teaching to suit each child individually. We can also offer extra tuition after school if required. Should a pupil have a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, we can also offer extra support from a specialist teacher.



More able and talented

We set high standards of all our pupils, which is why they achieve so highly year after year. But we also know some are more able and talented and require extra challenge and stimulation. Because of our small class sizes, our teachers are able to adapt their teaching to ‘stretch’ our more gifted pupils to ensure they achieve their full potential.



The quality of teaching is outstanding.

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