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Pre-Prep & Prep


Pre-Prep: Reception, Year 1 &  2

The move to Reception is an exciting time for children, our Pre-Prep (Infants) Department, covers children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, ages 4 – 7 years.

The early years are where the foundations are laid down, spelling, grammar, punctuation, handwriting and times tables all vital building blocks of a good education.

Yorston Lodge Prep School Cheshire

In our Pre-Prep classes we offer:

  • Individual attention in small class sizes, giving every child the very best start to their educational journey.
  • A strong sense of being part of the Yorston community through belonging to one of two school houses.
  • The opportunity to develop their sporting ability, acres of grounds at Egerton give Yorston children the opportunity to play and learn a wide range of sports. 
  • Individual form teachers take great care over each child’s social development, learning and pastoral care. 
  • Wearing school uniform enriches everyone’s feeling of belonging to the school and forming friendships across the years.
  • Flexible before and after-school care from 8.00am – 6.00pm.
  • Holiday and term-time clubs across a broad range of skills and interests.
  • Plus, of course, learning good manners and how to care for others as part of our friendly, welcoming school.


Help is at hand in the form of tailored learning programmes, for pupils who find any aspect of learning difficult.”


Prep: Years 4 – 6

During the Prep (Junior) years the Yorston curriculum is focused on extending and enriching learning across all levels, preparing our pupils for entrance into the top senior schools at age 11.

With small class sizes, each child receives the personal attention they deserve and teachers have the flexibility to modify lessons to best meet the needs of everyone in the group. 

Competitive sports and inter-school challenges support the children in understanding the importance of teamwork, of how to both win and lose.  In addition, external performing and creative arts opportunities, alongside a broad program of extra-curricular activities encourage children to use every opportunity for in-depth learning.

As Yorston children move up the school they are given increasing levels of responsibility, with a prefect system in Year 6 taking into account personal strengths and interests.

This helps to build self-esteem and enables the children to confidently move on to their Senior schools.


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