Ofsted Inspection


Our most recent Ofsted Inspection was in February 2017, click below to view

Yorston Lodge School Ofsted Inspection Report February 2017


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment – Outstanding


“The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding and has been sustained since the previous inspection. Learning activities are exceptionally well planned and tailored to the pupils’ individual skills and needs. Teachers know their pupils well and are highly adept at making learning interesting and maintaining high academic standards.”


“Pupils receive a high level of praise for their achievements, as shown in the encouraging comments in their work books. In addition, teachers give pupils regular verbal feedback, in line with the school’s assessment procedures. This helps pupils develop an excellent understanding of what they need to do to improve their learning.”


“Teachers ensure that no pupil misses out on any aspect of learning. For example, if a pupil takes time out of the class for clarinet practise, singing, drama or sporting activities, there are always opportunities to catch up. Pupils are eager to engage in any extra work, during break, after school, or at home, in order to do their best and meet their teachers high expectations.”




Outcomes for pupils – Outstanding


“Pupils make outstanding progress and attain highly in a wide range of subjects. Evidence of outstanding progress can be found in pupils work books in subjects including writing, mathematics, geography, history and science. Pupils excellent attainment is shown in the consistently high scores they obtain from their ongoing assessment activities.”


“By the time pupils left school in Year 6, their attainment in reading, writing, mathematics, science and verbal reasoning was outstanding. Every pupil was successful in securing a place at a school of their choice. Several pupils were offered places at more than one school.”


“Help is at hand, in the form of tailored learning programmes, for pupils who find any aspect of learning difficult. Work in books shows that such pupils make accelerated progress and achieve well in a wide range of subjects.”






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