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Yorston Lodge Prep School first opened its doors in 1904, over, the past century the school has gained a reputation for producing high academic standards from small classes within a caring family atmosphere.leading cheshire prep school

Today, Yorston Lodge is a vastly different school to the one that was founded by Miss Grace Brydon back in 1904. Curriculum, technology and teaching have changed beyond all recognition in the last 115 years. But the guiding principle of Miss Brydon and her two sisters will be familiar to every teacher, pupil and parent of Yorston Lodge, past and present:

“To provide a thorough and general education on modern lines and to develop to the fullest extent any particular talents which pupils possess.”

Their imaginative approach to educating “the whole child” was ahead of its time, and remains key to the school’s ethos today.


Pupils manners are impeccable. Pupils are polite and courteous. They enjoy welcoming visitors into the school and are very eager to talk about their learning. Pupils thoroughly enjoy coming to school, as shown by their excellent attendance and exceptional punctuality.

Nurturing and encouraging happy, confident young people


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  • Each pupil is treated as an individual, recognised for their unique gifts and encouraged to make the most of their talents
  • Our rounded curriculum prepares children for a wide range of senior schools and helps build a firm foundation for an accomplished and balanced life.
  • High expectations are set and as a school we strive for excellence in everything we do, we value and celebrate success, both in and out of the classroom.
  • The traditional values of respect, responsibility, good manners and good behaviour are at the core of Yorston values.
  • Working closely with parents and the wider Yorston community, we support pupils in develop essential skills that will equip them for life in the modern world
  • Consistent and effective pastoral care maintains a supportive and nuturing environment in which pupils feel confident and secure.
  • Our extensive range of sporting clubs, visits and performing arts opportunities enable Yorston children to develop strong social skills and leisure interests as well as the ability to work both as an individual and within a team environment.











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